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Tecnologie per i Sistemi Informativi
Technologies for Information Systems
Claudia Diamantini

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period II
Language ENG

Knowledge of the functioning principles of computers acquired in courses of fundamentals of computer science.

Learning outcomes
The course enables students to acquire advanced knowledge of architectures and technologies of modern information systems and of the relationship between information technology and organizational structure. It also provides basic knowledge of the management of information at the operational level and of the principles and models behind Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
The student will be able to apply the knowledge to adopt the correct computer technology according to the needs of the particular application and organizational context, to manage, query and analyze corporate data.
The course provides students with the opportunity to improve their autonomous judgment and learning skills, in addition to communication skills, also thanks to the opportunity to develop and discuss in-depth work and synthesis of topics from different information sources or the possibility to participate in project activities.

- Introduction to enterprise information systems: basic definitions, the information perspective of organization theory, classes of enterprise information systems. - Operational information systems, ERP systems, Databases and database management systems, relational model, database querying, SQL language, database design and ER model. - Decision support information systems: data warehouse, olap, elements of data mining techniques.

Development of the examination
The assessment of student learning consists of two parts: - A written test consisting of open-ended and closed-ended questions on the course topics related to databases and database management systems. The written test may be replaced by the design of a data base or the development of a survey on advanced course topics; - An oral examination, on topics related to enterprise information systems, and on any shortcomings detected in the course of the previous test. To access the written exam, the student must have obtained at least a pass in the written test or project. The project can be done in groups, with a maximum of three students. A positive outcome of the project gives access to the oral examination in the same appeal or in subsequent appeals. Conversely, the written test must be performed in the same session of the oral examination In case of failure of the oral exam, the student must also repeat the written test.

To successfully pass the assessment of learning, the student must demonstrate, through the tests described above, a good understanding of the concepts related to the technologies for the management of information systems presented in the course, and must demonstrate to be able to correctly apply methodologies for design and management of a data base.

During the tests it is assessed the degree of completeness and depth achieved in knowledge and understanding of issues and technical solutions presented. It is also assessed the ability to use in a correct and autonomous way models and methodologies for solving problems.

A score between zero and 30 is assigned to each of the two tests indicated above. The overall grade is between zero and 30, calculated as the average of the marks obtained in the two tests. In order for the overall outcome grade to be positive, the student must achieve at least a pass, amounting to eighteen points in each of the two tests, showing a basic knowledge and understanding on all the questions proposed, and the ability to autonomously solve simple problems, or problems of medium complexity with the help of the teacher. The highest rating is achieved by demonstrating a thorough understanding of the course content in the tests. The praise is reserved for students who have demonstrated a particular brilliance in the oral and in the preparation of written assignments.

Recommended reading
- C. Batini, B. Pernici, G. Santucci (curatori), Sistemi Informativi, Franco Angeli, 2005. - G. Bracchi, C. Francalanci, G. Motta, “Sistemi Informativi d'Impresa“, McGraw-Hill, 2010. - P. Atzeni, S. Ceri, P. Fraternali, S. Paraboschi, R. Torlone, “Basi di dati“, 4° ed.”, McGraw-Hill, Italia - Further material provided by the teacher on the course site hosted by the University learning management system, https://lms.univpm.it

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