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Laboratorio di Disegno dell'Architettura 1 (EA)
Laboratory of Sketch of the architecture 1
Giorgio Domenici

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 3
Hours 50
Period 2s
Language ENG

Adequate knowledge of the classical methodologies of representation.

Learning outcomes
The workshop deals with simple works on the themes of drawing an representation of architecture, the laboratory activity iscoordinated with other disciplines in the areas: History of architecture and art.
In order to address advanced design themes, even of considerable complexity, and treat the innovation and development of new products and new technological processes through the application of knowledge, the student will be able to identify the method of representation that best fits case to deal with. This ability through a series of skill in the base part is partly governed by professional skills, such as: 1. the ability to appropriately choose the correct methods of representation and the appropriate technologies for its implementation; 2. The ability to make the most suitable choice to the representation of the case in question; 3. The ability to interpret and communicate the ideas that gave rise to the representation.
The execution of practical activities that they will apply the knowledge gained on specific case studies, which will be conducted in groups or individually and that will lead to the drafting of a representation of the product will help improve the degree of independence of judgment in general, and the ability communication that is also derived from the work group and the ability to learn independently and to draw conclusions, the student.

The course aims to provide the specific skills of architectural drawing which, in its various phases, becomes the complete representation of the creative idea, both artistic and technical, with the prerogative of a drawing aimed and intended for the construction process. The course will address the various methods of representation in order to convert the idea of a building or part of it in tecnhical design, by means of the essential documents allowing the complete understanding of the architectural manufact. Preliminary sketches, plop plans, planimetries, sections, execution details, prospects and axonometries, will be hence addressed, as well as essential completion elements: sheet formats, margins, lay outs, scales, quotes, graphical signs, symbols, etc..

Development of the examination
Students activity will be tested in the examination of the teaching which is entrusted with the management of the laboratory.

Recommended reading
”Il disegno dell'architettura” by G. Parra - ed. Pitagora - Bologna; Handouts provided by G. Domenici.

  • Ingegneria Edile-Architettura (Corso di Laurea Magistrale con Riconoscimento Europeo (DM 270/04))

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