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Tecnologia Edile
Building Technology
Fabio Bufarini

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period II
Language ENG

Basic notions typical of Building Construction, ie basic principles of analysis of the problems related to the design and implementation of construction projects of medium complexity

Learning outcomes
The relations between buildings components and technologies on one hand and their performances on the other hand will be analyzed. The performances of building components will be analyzed based on the framework of EN Building Standards about fire safety, safety in use, thermal and acoustical performances and sustainability. The course extends the knowledge provided by the other course Building Performance, by means of a bottom-up approach, that relates any building component with all the technical issues of buildings. Regular construction works will be discussed within classes.
In order to be able to control the design and execution of quite complex buildings, students will be able to relate building components one another, and to assess their respective operational potentials. Proper drafting of technical specifications is the main expertise acquired during the course.
Students will be able to carry out performance level assessment of any building component straight from qualification documents and to compare them with the ones provided about competitive components. They will be able to properly draft technical documents and to search relevant standards (ISO, EN specifications).

THE BUILDING : The Systems and Types Constructive aspects of the main mechanical requirements, stability and usability, accessibility in use: The continuous structures (load-bearing masonry) and punctate structures (steel, reinforced concrete) - The frame structures - Foundations - the elevation facilities - the containment structures - Closures external Vertical - Horizontal Closures basic - intermediate Horizontal Closures - the Covers - the internal Partitions

Development of the examination
The evaluation will be through an oral exam, during which the student is asked to present the main concepts and intellectual frameworks / practices of the construction technology of building systems and individual components shown in class. It also requires the student to extend the analysis of issues relating to design and construction of building projects at different design levels, particularly at the executive level (the special conditions of contract) in relation to the technical characteristics of the components and their operational capabilities

In the exam, the student must demonstrate the ability to use independently and correctly, the methodologies, models and tools of design of construction technology of building systems and individual components presented in class; Furthermore, the student must demonstrate sufficient capacity to judge, seleazionare and clearly presented ideas, concepts and technological solutions of its own building system.

Is evaluated during the exam, the student's independent ability to set, analyze and provide response (ie typical methodology of the "know how" in the ways and means used by the candidate to address the specific unit of information, abstraction schemes) to problems that are placed. also is evaluated, the ability to use it properly and relevant metodologies, own models and tools for the design and technological solutions of its own building system.

The maximum vote, equal to thirty with honors, is awarded to students who demonstrate, in the exam, full autonomy to set and solve problems and complete mastery of methods, models and tools of design and technological solutions own building system. The minimum voting, equal to eighteen, is assigned to students who demonstrate to be able to solve problems that are placed and sufficient knowledge of the methods, their models and tools for the design and technological solutions of their building system.

Recommended reading
ecture notes and slides of the course

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