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Project Engineering per l'Edilizia
Project Engineering for Construction
Berardo Naticchia

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period I
Language ENG


Learning outcomes
The course of Building Project Engineering will provide technical, economic and managerial knowledge aimed to lead projects in Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC). The course emphasizes technical, operational and economic interrelationships during all life-cycle from planning to design, manufacturing, construction, maintenance of buildings and offers knowledge to successfully and effectively optimize the quality managing key factors of scope, schedule, budget, resources and technical communication. The program particularly focuses on Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a methodology for managing the design and construction processes and for controlling key factors to guarantee the technical quality and to minimize operational time and cost. That part of the design process included between the availability of the detailed design to the beginning of its execution will be focused, and the role of the Project Engineer will be defined, as that person that makes decisions from the constructor side.
Students will be able to adopt BIM tools and applications as the method for the management of design and construction processes, and for control of the quality of the final products, for management of Life-Cycle of buildings, including cost and operational issues.
Given the practice students will gain in the planning and arrangement of complex and coordinated technical documents, student will be able to project and set up technical information into the corresponding documents.

ectures (48 hours): Introduction to Project Engineering: Main concepts, life cycle and organizational structure of the project, interactions and mapping of processes. Development of Project Engineering plan: analysis of the project information structure, definition of the project areas, development of the WBS, analysis of technical, operational and economic interrelationships during all phases of the life-cycle. Techniques of Project Quality Management: Definition of performance specifications, defining the structure of the quality checks. Planning Project Time: Definition of the scheduling of activities, defining the structure of the feed controls. Techniques of Project Cost Management: Structure of project costs, cost analysis and cost allocation. Techniques of Project Risk Management: Identification, qualitative and quantitative analysis of the risks. Communication Management with Building Information Modeling: Introduction to BIM, key concepts for the management of the project information system, the multi-dimensional structure of BIM data, key applications for modeling, organizing workset, on-field use of BIM information system. Classroom practice (24 hours): Application of methodologies and techniques of BIM modeling to a case of project engineering for building construction.

Development of the examination
Oral examination. The students are required to carry out analysis and technical insights arising from the annual theme of exercise.

Evaluation of the student's autonomous ability to apply methodologies and analysis models and technical management of the projects presented during the lessons of the course.

Learning is measured by assessing the methodological correctness and adequacy of the analysis and modeling techniques developed during the examination session.

The highest rating is awarded to students who demonstrate mastery of methodologies and modeling techniques presented in the lectures of the course getting complete and technically correct results while the minimum rating is assigned to students who apply with sufficient control the methodologies explained obtaining acceptable methodological consistency but incomplete results.

Recommended reading
Teaching materials are provided by the professor during the course

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