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Laboratorio di Architettura e Composizione Architettonica 1 (EA)
Architecture and Architectural Design 1 Laboratory
Sabrina Cantalini

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 3
Hours 50
Period E/1s-2s
Language ENG


Learning outcomes
The course provides students with basic knowledge on both the theoretical and on the setup tools and project control. the understanding of the functional reasons, logical-formal, technical and technological that govern the formation of the constituent characteristics of architectural design will be put into practice by the development of a design exercise about a specific study case about a single family house and of its annexes, even of public utility, that requires a functional coherence, spatial distribution and, in relation to theme of the project and the context of intervention, contained within limited spatial dimensions.
In order to address the design theme of elementary aspects of the project, the student must be able to correctly apply the critical skills of analysis of the design process in its synergy between technical and aesthetic components; in relation to its belonging to a physical environment and therefore with the seniority, with the landscape or the urban context, motivating design and technical solutions in relation to the compatibility and environmental sustainability and possible solutions in relation to requirements and regulatory and contextual constraints.
Transversal skills will be verified by performing an exercise in solving a problem, (architectural design of a single-family house) that will be done in groups and that will lead to the drafting of drawings that will allow the student to improve the degree of autonomy of judgment in general, his ability to communicate that also originates from the teamwork, his ability to learn independently and to get original conclusions. The teaching of the laboratory activity is coordinated with the disciplines of Architecture and Art History Area, the Representation and Survey Area, the Architectural and Engineering design Area.

The project deals the issue of housing in consolidated urban system from the new habitability needs that are being consolidated in the contemporary city. This condition becomes a matter of great interest and importance, which requires a search on innovative forms and models of living (temporary, co-housing, flexibility, emergency) to be devoted to types of users increasingly diverse (non-resident students, young couples, singles, seniors, immigrants). Testing this architecture issue means to face, on one hand, the review and adaptation of traditional methods of urban design and architecture, and on the other hand, the more and more urgent debate about environmental and energy matters. The workshop will be about the housing issue in this new framework, in a multi-disciplinary approach that will take into account different aspects: morphological and typological (innovation of building types; quality fruition of the living space, both in terms of livability of housing and characterization of buildings and open spaces; analysis and research of the distribution features and management of special residences; typological experimentation flexibility), energy and technology (innovation of construction techniques; testing of the final design to different scales of representation and the various building systems; verification of technical performance of the building organism with emphasis on the role of the building skin as the interface between the interior and the exterior of the building; definition of the basic environmental sustainability requirements) and environmental that an up-to-date architectural design culture today requires.

Development of the examination
Students activity will be tested in the examination of the teaching which is entrusted with the management of the laboratory.

Recommended reading
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