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Statica (EA)
Statics of Structures
Giammichele Cocchi

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 6
Hours 72
Period 2s
Language ENG

general Physic and Analysis I methods

Learning outcomes
This course intends to provide the basic concepts on the kinematics and statics of structures, constituted by rigid bodies. By integrating the preliminary notions on the mechanics of rigid bodies, learnt during the course of general physics, and by using the theoretical bases, obtained in the courses of mathematical analysis 1 and geometry, this course will be very helpful for the conception and design of architectural structures. The course deals with the statics of structures as a theoretical support to the study of constructions stability in architecture; we propose the analytical and graphical approaches, the study of the constraints, the problem of the equilibrium and the internal actions diagrams.
The student will be able to apply the fundamental concepts of the mechanics of structures to the design process, with a particular attention to the methodologies of resolution of isostatic structures. The student will develop the following abilities: the comprehension of the kinematical and static scheme of a real structure; the ability to the trace the internal action diagrams in order to analyze the stress state in rigid beams isostatic structures.
The student will test himself with some exercises on isostatic structures, facing the difficulties of putting together the intuition and the analytical accuracy, proper of the conception and design of architectural structures.

Program:Contents of frontal lessons (48 hours) Mass Geometry,Structures with rigid beam analysis,Graphics static,Statical principal equations,Teorem of virtual works,Bond reactions and interactions,Internal forces diagrams,Kinetic arrangements ,Plane and spatial truss structures,Symmetrically and non symmetrically structures,Differential equilibrium equations,Curved beams,Static of cable structures. Exsercises in classroom(24 hours) To establish the reactions of simple plane an spatial structures .Construction of axial force ,shear force and bending moment diagrams in isostatic esamination tests structures.Calculation of inertial properties of composite elementary sections.

Development of the examination
The appraising consists in write an oral tests.In write test the student have to calculate the bound reactions and have to draw the internal action diagrams of complex isostatic structures.He have to evaluate the inertial properties of composite sections and to apply the virtual work theorem to calculate the bond reactions and internal forces of a simple structure. During the oral test the student may confirm the vote of the write test or may change it by means of reply to teoretical questions about program.

In examination tests the student have to demonstrate to utilize ,with correct results,the methods ,the models and the tools of static which are developed during the lessons.

The autonomous ability of planning and solving the assigned problems Is evaluated during the examination tests .Moreover the ability of a correct and pertinet utilizing the methods,the models and the tools of static is evaluated .

The greatest vote equal to 30 points with praise is assigned to the students which can demonstrate full mastery in planning and resolving the two tests problems of static.The minimum vote equal to 18 points is assigned to the students which can demonstrate sufficient mastery in planning and resolving the two tests problems of static.

Recommended reading
Stefano Lenci ,Lezioni di meccanica strutturale,Pitagora Bologna

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