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Tecnica ed Economia dei Trasporti
Technics and economics of transportation
Amedeo Virgili

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period II
Language ENG


Learning outcomes
The course intends to provide technical and scientific background for planning and managing road infrastructures and transportation systems in urban area. In particular, the course will provide knowledge related to design techniques, analysis methods for critical state and verification and validation tools of technical solutions aimed at improving traffic and road safety.
The course will provide students with specific knowledge about analysis techniques of road infrastructures systems which enable the identification of the design and construction issue in order to plan the most adequate technical solution.
The acquired analytical and methodological skills aimed to the project definition (from the techniques of territorial investigations to the practice of technical solutions) will be helpful for organizing the course into a widely multidisciplinary context of the Building Engineering. Such an aspect will promote and improve decision-making, communication and learning skills of students in an interdisciplinary framework.

Planning and control of the urban traffic: private offer of transportation, signalized and unsignalized urban interchanges, traffic flow analysis in the urban areas, weaving sections, roundabouts. Public offer of transportation, public transportation systems, bus stations, tramways, subways, innovation systems with automatic driving, mechanized pedestrian paths. Classification of urban road: throughway, district, local and service roads. Roadways, lanes, shoulders, sidewalks, lanes for public transportation. Passages, pedestrian crossings, passage ways for vehicles, service stations, cycle-paths. Crossroads, road junction on different levels; directional, non-directional, semi-directional ramps. Cloverleaf interchange, partial cloverleaf interchange, collector/distributor road, diamond interchange, trumpet. Roundabouts. Automated, synchronized and coordinated traffic-lights. Calculation of traffic-lights cycle. Parking on one level and multi-levels. Fireproof standard specifications. Design methods. Urban traffic planning: standard specification, design general criteria. Traffic flow survey, O/D investigations, parking supply and demand. Networks traffic management. Pedestrian areas and limited traffic zones.

Development of the examination
The examination consists of an oral discussion, based on more questions on general and/or specific topics argued at the lessons and chosen as representative

The student should show an overall knowledge and an adequately correct exposition of discussed contents, with the use of proper technical terminology. Learning level is considered sufficient if the assessment achieved for each question is sufficient. The full marks is achieved on the basis of a complete understanding of discussed topics, with proper exposition and complete use of technical language

Allocation of the final mark which is expressed out of 30 with possibility of laude

The final mark is given as weighted average of the assessments of learning level demonstrated during the oral discussion. It is right clarify that, in accordance with the learning assessment criteria adopted, even a single question with negative mark is prejudicial for the examination success

Recommended reading
Marino de Luca, “Tecnica ed economia dei trasporti”, ed. Cuen. “Highway Capacity Manual”, Transportation Research Board. Ennio Cascetta, “Teoria e metodi dell’ingegneria dei sistemi di trasporto”, ed. Utet. G. Ferrari, M. Riccardi POSTO AUTO Ed. BE-MA V. Dell'Aquila, V. Vannucci MANUALE DI TECNICA DELLA CIRCOLAZIONE E METODI DI MISURA DEL TRAFFICO - Ed. Maggioli R. Bortoli, IL TRAFFICO NEI CENTRI STORICI Ed. MPF P. Ferrari, F. Giannini INGEGNERIA STRADALE Vol. I Geometria e progetto di Strade, Ed. ISEDI G. Da Rios PROGETTO DI INTERSEZIONI STRADALI Ed. UTET T.Esposito, R.Mauro FONDAMENTI DI INFRASTRUTTURE VIARIE Ed Hevelius Slide presentation shown in classroom that are available on the official teacher page on UNIVPM website in the Section “Allegati-Download paper“. This material is password-protected; the teacher will give the password to the students.

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