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Riabilitazione Strutturale (CIV)
Fabrizio Gara

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period I
Language ENG

Material covered in Structural Analysis and Seismic Engineering is considered as assumed knowledge

Learning outcomes
The course provides basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for the seismic retrofit and upgrading of existing reinforced concrete and masonry buildings. By improving skills deriving from the first cycle degree, the student improves his knowledge in the field of civil engineering with fundamentals of structural rehabilitation.
The student gains skills necessary to understand the behaviour of structural systems and to design appropriate retrofitting solutions. These skills are developed through lectures, including specific practical examples.
Practical examples, presenting in some cases different solutions for a specific problem, allow the student to improve his critical judgment skill as well as the ability in modelling, representing and analysing structural complex systems.

The problems of restoration and seismic retrofit of existing constructions. The knowledge and surveying of constructions; historic analysis and critical surveying; geometrical and dimensional surveying; the crack pattern and settlements surveying; material and structure surveying; soil and foundation inspections; levels of knowledge. Concrete buildings in seismic areas: in situ and laboratory tests on materials and structural elements; safety requirements; method of analysis assessment criteria; traditional techniques for structural element retrofitting; innovative techniques for building seismic retrofitting; interventions on foundation. Masonry buildings: materials and historical development of masonry; typologies; in situ and laboratory tests on materials and wall elements; the ideal masonry model; strength criteria; masonry building analysis; the ideal model of seismic-resistant buildings; global analysis methods and assessment criteria; local mechanism analysis; interventions for the improvement of static and seismic structural problems; interventions on foundation. Wood floor: material charachteristics; design and verifications of wood structural elements; pathologies, damages and surveying techniques; restoration and substitution techniques of wood floors. Industrial buildings: damages and surveying and analysis of typical seismic vulnerability; intervention for structural strenghtening and seismic retrofitting.

Development of the examination
The evalulation of student learning is based on two assessments: - a written test concerning theoretical topics ; - an oral exam consisting in a discussion of the written test and in some other theoretical questions on the topics covered during the course; students may be present and discuss an optionl design project, taht can be developed also in group, concerning the seismic assessment of an existing building and in the retrofitting designt.

Through the written test and the oral exam, and eventually the optional project, the student must demonstrate to have a clear knowledge of the topics covered during the course, such as in particular the methods for the assessment of an existing building, the analysis methods and the main interventions for structural restoration and seismic retrofitting.

The evaluation of both the assessment is expressed in thirtieths.

The student is expected to pass both (written and oral) assessments. The final mark of the course will be calculated after the oral exam as the average of the marks received for these two assessments, or three in case of presentation of the optional project.. The 'lode' will be awarded to students who, having correctly completed the assessments, show an outstanding understanding in the subject.

Recommended reading
R. Antonucci, ”Restauro e recupero degli edifici a struttura muraria”, Maggioli Editore. F. Jacobelli, ”Progetto e verifica delle costruzioni in muratura in zona sismica”, EPC libri. G. Manfredi, A. Masi, R. Pinho, G. Verderame, M. Vona, ”Valutazione degli edifici esistenti in cemento armato”. Slides of lectures are provided by the lecturer and are available at the Centro Copie Ingegneria

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