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Costruzioni di Strade (M/Z)
Highways Construction
Fabrizio Cardone

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period II
Language ENG

Elements of the fundamental chemical analysis and the continuum mechanics.

Learning outcomes
The course intends to provide insights on theoretical methods and practical applications required for a rational approach to the analysis and understanding of engineering issues concerning road construction. The course aims at providing information about mechanical properties and durability characterization of road materials as well as technological solutions concerning pavement construction activities.
The course will provide students with specific skills useful for the critical analysis of practical issues directly related to road construction. The course will consist of classroom lectures.
Analytical and methodological skills acquired during the course will be helpful for solving issues common to other subjects within the framework of Civil and Environmental Engineering with the aim to improve learning and communication skills in a multidisciplinary context.

Road classification. General considerations on horizontal and vertical alignment, and cross section for the design of roads. Natural soil as construction material for road applications. Soil classification criteria. Compaction and densification of soils. Bearing capacity of subgrades: main experimental methods for evaluation. Soil stabilization with lime and cement. Road embankment construction, protection techniques from moisture and frost phenomena. Aggregates production and sampling. Geometrical, physical and chemical properties of aggregates. Physical and mechanical requirements of aggregates for road mixtures and bituminous concretes: main laboratory characterization tests. Bituminous binders for road applications, classification and conventional performance analysis. Unbound granular mixture, cement treated mixture and bituminous concrete. Mix design methodology of bituminous concrete. Road pavement classification. Design criteria of flexible road pavements. Pavement construction: bituminous concrete facilities, transportation, laydown and compaction operations. Recycling materials from demolition operations of distressed road pavement. Quality control procedures during and after pavement construction. Final overview of performance-based technical specifications for road materials and construction.

Development of the examination
Final examination consists in an oral discussion on one or more topics concerning the properties characterization of road materials as well as road construction techniques.

At the oral examination student has to prove a suitable understanding and technical ability to properly use tools and methods aimed at investigating the main properties of materials and an adequate critical analysis in identifying the most specific road construction technique.

A comprehensive knowledge and an adequately correct exposition with technical terminology of discussed topics are evaluated during the oral exam. The level of insight of the knowledges aimed at solving specific and practical engineering issues through a proper selection of materials and construction techniques are evaluated too.

An adequate understanding of all topics discussed during the exam is required to pass the examination with the minumum mark (18 out of 30). Further score is assigned on the basis of learning level of discussed topics. The full marks (30 cum laude) is achieved to the students which showed clearness and brightness of exposition as well as a complete mastery in the selection and use of analysis methods aimed at solving tipical engineering issues concerning road construction.

Recommended reading
Tesoriere G., “Strade ferrovie ed aeroporti”, vol. I-II, UTET Ferrari P., Giannini F., “Ingegneria stradale”, vol. I-II, ISED Slide presentations shown in classroom that are available on the official teacher page on UNIPM website.

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