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Storia dell'Architettura 2 (EA)
History of Architecture 2
Antonello Alici

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 90
Period 1s
Language ENG

History of Architecture 1

Learning outcomes
The course refines and completes the historical and critical knowledge and aims to move the student to a more mature understanding of the architectural work through the study of the 19th and 20th Century. The rapid evolution of technology and the building technologies experienced after the Industrial Revolution and the new capacity of circulation of experiences in different continents stimulates the student to develop new skills and a more refined vocabulary which facilitates the connection with the design disciplines, from the restoration and enhancement of the cultural heritage to the urban and architectural regeneration.
The sensitivity to the site and the understanding of the value of the architectural work anticipate the issues of the restoration and extend the ability to express critical attitudes and analysis of the design process. These skills will be widened through study travels, which are essential for the full understanding of the complexity of the matter, as well as in workshops. The course is in close connection with the courses of Architectural Design and Restoration.
The workshop and the direct visit to the architectural sites and works will favour the improvement of the skills and knowledge of the student. Group work will foster communication skills and knowledge exchange.

The course aims to give to the future engineer-architect a basic knowledge of the artistic and architectural culture of the modern and contemporary age from late 18th to 20th Century. The improvement of the building technics and the growing quality of new materials as iron, steel and glass help the avant guardes to develop a new architectural language that can be defined 'modern'. The course will offer introductory lectures to the main periods, the analytic examination of the changes into the cities, architecture and landscape. The biographical profiles of architects and engineers and clients will be a key part of the lectures and seminars. A specific space for 'cinema and architecture' will be included. The students are requested to take part to a seminar named 'Portrait of Cities' which will propose a comparative study of European and American cities.

Development of the examination
Oral exam including the presentation of the seminar chosen during the course.

The students must prove the capacity of presentation of the seminar and of discussion on the main topics of the subject using also sketches and drawings to describe spaces, ideas, languages of the architecture and city and landscape.

Marks between 0 and 30 points

The final mark is the result of the presentation of the seminar and of the questions discussed. Each question will be evaluated with points between 0 and 10. The LODE will be given to the student who reached the maximum marks and shows a complete and mature comprehension of the subject.

Recommended reading
J-L. Cohen, The Future of Architecture. Since 1889, Phaidon 2012 William J.R. Curtis, Modern Architecture since 1900, Phaidon 2006 Bruno Zevi, History of Modern Architecture, Einaudi 1975

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