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Laboratorio di Architettura e Composizione Architettonica 2 (EA)
Architecture and Architectural Design 2 Laboratory
Francesco Leoni

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 3
Hours 50
Period E/1s-2s
Language ENG


Learning outcomes
The Laboratory aims to implement, through exercises, the theoretical lessons learned during the connected course, related to the distribution and functional aspects of one or more buildings of collective character. The students have to apply disciplines of the area of representation and of the survey, of architectural design and restoration area, urban area, area of building production and building technologies to obtain a complete comprehension of the whole process of the urban and architectonic design.
To apply the concepts the starting point consists in the interpretation of the environment, intended as a guideline for the design development, both in the case you have to intervene on a free area or to reconfigure an existing building. This ability will be carried on through design exercises, aimed at studying the types of public and private buildings in which the interdependences between the building and the city are clear, as well as the ones connected to the landscape and urban green.
Each working group will have to develop a different project, developing all the issues, and present it through technical drawings or renders. This will allows the student to improve his ability to communicate originating from the team-working, as well as his ability to learn and get the proper conclusions. The teaching of the laboratory activity is related with the disciplines of Architecture and Art, History, Rapresentation, Survey, Architectural and Engineering design.

The project will work within the port areas of the Marche region and address the topic of the urban regeneration of areas historically used for the production and industry. It will focus on the theme of the waterfront and the reconnection between the city and the sea. Reuse, housing replacement, densification and reduction of land use, construction of public spaces are central issues of contemporary design of the waterfront which can be understood as a privileged field of experimentation of a project approach to sustainable and integrated transformation .

Development of the examination
Students activity will be tested in the examination of the teaching which is entrusted with the management of the laboratory.

Recommended reading
-R. Moneo,Inquietudine teorica e strategia progettuale nell'opera di 8 architetti contemporanei, Mondadori Electa, Milano 2005 -Le Corbusier, Verso una architettura, Longanesi&C., Milano 1984 -Le Corbusier, Il Modulor+Il Modulor 2, Gabriele Capelli Edit

  • Ingegneria Edile-Architettura (Corso di Laurea Magistrale con Riconoscimento Europeo (DM 270/04))

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