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Misure e Controlli Termotecnici (A/L)
Measurement and thermotechnical controls
Enrico Primo Tomasini

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period I
Language ENG

Knowledge of main measurement techniques for mechanical and thermal quantities and of static and dynamic performance of measurement instrumentation.

Learning outcomes
The course illustrates advanced instrumentation for mechanical and thermal measures, for process and quality control and product development, with particular reference to measurement techniques without contact, optical and acoustic. The student at the end of the course will know the principles of operation of complex measurement systems, including laser Doppler anemometry Particle Image Velocimetry, laser Doppler vibrometry, thermal imaging cameras and infrared sensors, acoustic measuring techniques (intensimetry acoustics and beam forming)
The student will be educated through lectures and laboratory exercises to the use of complex measurement systems for experimental research, product development, testing machines and equipment, quality control and diagnosis of systems, products and processes
The student will be trained to the use of complex measurement systems in different application contexts, both engineering that of other experimental disciplines

Contents (lectures, 52 hours) 1 - Signal Analysis: time and frequency domain analysis. Spectral and cross-spectral density distributions, signal acquisition, sampling and quantization, sampling errors (aliasing and leakage). 2 – Laser Doppler Vibrometry: Doppler effect, acusto-optic modulation. Michelson and Mach-Zender interferometers, optical signal processing (demodulation, tracking filter), optical access, optical surface properties. LDV: single-point, scanning, differential, in-plane, rotational, continuous scanning. Uncertainty. 3 – Vibration measurements: dB, displacement, velocity, acceleration. Vibration testing (exciters, sensors, mounting problems). Modal analysis theory (1 dof system). Experimental modal analysis. 4 – Acoustic measurements: Sound theory, sound field parameters, sound propagation. Sound pressure measurement: sound level meter, microphones. Acoustic intensity measurement. Microphone array techniques: Near filed acoustic holography, Beamforming. 5 – Non destructive Diagnostics: Ultrasound methods, US parameters, US propagation, US beam, damage detection, non contact US. 6 – Flow measurement: Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Doppler Anemometry. PIV: theory, measurement procedure, seeding methods, signal processing. 3D PIV. LDA: architecture, fringe model, eterodyne, differential LDA. 7 – Spectroscopy and colorimetry. 8 – IR temperature measurement: IR thermal exchange, sensors and optics. Pyrometers. IR thermography: sensor, software. IR thermography calibration. 9 – Indoor comfort measurement: Subject and enviroment variables. Thermo-igrometric confort. 10 – Interferometric measurement: ESPI-Shearography. Laboratory experiences (20 hours) Practical exercises on instrumentation discussed and signal processing

Development of the examination
An experimental project concerning one of the course subjects has to be carried out during the course. The examination consists in an oral discussion and the presentation of the experimental project.

Evaluation of the understanding of topics discussed

Discussion of test cases

Evaluation of the understanding of topics discussed

Recommended reading
Technical material provided during the course. Reference books: - E. O. Doebelin, Strumenti e Metodi di misura, Mc Graw Hill; - - Righini, Tajani, Cutolo, Introduction to optoelectronic sensors, ed. World Scientific Xavier P. V. Maldague, Theory and practice of infrared technology for nondestructive testing, Wiley Interscience; F. Durst, A. Melling, J. H. Whitelaw, Principles and practice of laser –Doppler Anemometry, Academic Press; Raffael, Wilert, Wereley, Kompenhans, Particle Image Velocimetry, ed. Springer. - Xavier P. V. Maldague, Theory and practice of infrared technology for nondestructive testing, Wiley Interscience; On-line material, some web-sites: - sito web www.edmundoptics.com - sito web www.mellesgriot.com - sito web www.dantecdynamics.com

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