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Tecnica delle Costruzioni
Structural Engineering
Luigino Dezi

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period I
Language ENG

Material covered in statics and structural mechanics is considered as assumed knowledge.

Learning outcomes
The course allows students to gain advanced theoretical knowledge in the topic of reinforced concrete structures. By improving skills deriving from the first cycle degree, the student improves his knowledge in the framework of design and assessment of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and composite steel-concrete structures.
The student develops modelling capabilities, as well as design and analysis skills, of spatial frame structures. These skills are gained through lectures and a designing exercise, developed in working groups, which implies the drafting of technical executive documents.
The designing exercise, which is developed in working group and requires the use of specific software for the solution of practical problems, contributes to improve the student’s capability of identifying, formulating and solving problems, as well as the communicative skill, necessary for the teamwork.

Contents of lectures (56 hours) Structural design criteria: design of structural elements in reinforced concrete in accordance with strength and serviceability limit states; thin-walled elements. Deep beams. Punching, Instability of beam-column reinforced concrete element. Framed buildings: modelling, assumptions and analysis by means of the displacement method of plane frames with fixed and hinged joints; matrix method for the analysis of spatial frames. Foundations: design of surface foundations, strip footings, footing grids, slabs, pile caps, beam on elastic foundation: governing equilibrium equations and relevant boundary conditions; Winkler beam. Thin-walled theory: Kirchhoff plate; governing equilibrium equations and relevant boundary conditions; applications on balconies and retaining walls. Shrinkage and creep of concrete. Prestressed concrete structures: prestressing tecniques, stress losses, tendon layers. Steel-concrete composite structures: elastic and plastic strength limit state, shear connection design, shrinkage and creep effects. Retaining walls: typologies, design and analysis methods. Classroom tutorials (16 hours) design of a reinforced concrete frame building.

Development of the examination
The evalulation of student learning is based on two assessments: - a written test concerning the analysis and design of a reinforced concrete frame; - an oral exam consisting in a discussion of the design project and in some theoretical questions on the topics covered during the course. To access the oral exam the student is required to have completed the project and have obtained a sufficient evaluation in the written test.

Through the design project, the written test and the oral exam the student must demonstrate to have learned the topics covered during the course, such as analysis and design methods for structure typologies studied in the course.

The evaluation of each assessment is expressed in thirtieths.

During the oral exam a mark is attributed to the design project and the final mark of the course will be calculated as the average of the marks received for the written and oral exams, as well as for the design project. The 'lode' will be awarded to students who, having correctly completed the three assessments, show an outstanding understanding in the subject.

Recommended reading
Radogna E.F., Tecnica delle Costruzioni. Costruzioni composte acciaio calcestruzzo – c.a. – c.a.p., Ed. Masson, Milano, 1996. (in Italian) Giangreco E., Teoria e Tecnica delle Costruzioni, Vol. I, Ed. Liguori, Napoli. (in Italian) Toniolo G., Cemento Armato – Calcolo agli stati limite, Vol. 2A e 2B, Ed. Masson, Milano. (in Italian) Slides of lectures, lecture notes on the main topics of the course and exam samples are available at the Centro Copie Ingegneria. (In Italian)

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