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Ingegneria Sanitaria e Ambientale
Sanitary and Environmental Engineering
Anna Laura Eusebi

Seat Ingegneria
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 9
Hours 72
Period I
Language ENG

Elements of hydraulic

Learning outcomes
The course enables students to acquire advanced knowledge of design of the physical units and physical-chemical processes for the treatment of urban, drinking and industrial wastewaters. This knowledge will allow students to acquire a scientific approach to the analysis and understanding of engineering problems with net reference to the design aspects and criticism of the typical application problems of environmental engineering.
The student will know how to interpret the problems related to the treatment of wastewater for the critical resolution of engineering design phases and construction of treatment plants. These capabilities will become applicative through specific expertise: 1. the ability to understand the issues of urban, drinking and industrial wastewaters; 2. the ability to structure the process flow schemes for the wastewater treatment; 3. the ability to dimension and design the physical operative unit and the physical-chemical processes.
The approach to the design the environmental engineering units will allow to increase the degree of independence in terms of the critical choices during the design phase and the learning capacity in the analysis and definition of the project data.

1-Law: law analysis in matters of: “drinking waters”, “wastewater treatment, waters protection from pollution” and “treatmement sludge”. 2-Waters of supply: water cycle and natural water characteristics. hardless and aggressive waters. water supply requisites for drinkable use. management and measuring for water treatment processes (membrane processes, ionic exchange, coagulation, filtration, sedimentation and disinfection). 3-Waste waters: waste water characteristics (chemical, physical and biological characteristics, composition, unitary load factors, waste variation in concentration, management and control of the analytical data). elements of conceptual process design; evaluation and selection of the flows, evaluation and selection of the loads, process selection, hydraulic profile, mass balances. 4-Physical treatments: screening, grit removal, flow equalization, granular medium filtration, sedimentation, mixing, thickening, carbon adsorption, flocculation,flottation,disinfection,sludge dewatering: process theory, design and management 5-Biological reactor: main parameters and processes for WWTPs of small communities

Development of the examination
The evaluation will be written and following oral examination during which it is expected to be discussed the topics related to design the chemical, physical and biological processes for wastewater treatment.

To successfully pass the evaluation of learning, the student must demonstrate the understanding of the concepts presented in class and the acqusition of the principles to design the chemical, physical and biological processes for wastewater treatment.

During the examinations will be evaluated the understanding of the theoretical and experimental principles of the treated topics and the ability to design the chemical, physical and biological processes for wastewater treatment.

The final mark is attributed with minimum grade of 18/30 associated with complete knowledge of the treated topics. Additional points up to 30/30 will be awarded based on the general and specific skills. The evaluation "cum laude" will be given to students with elevated outstanding and critical exposition of the arguments.

Recommended reading
Course notes; Metcalf and Eddy, ”Wastewater engineering treatment disposal and reuse”, Ed. Mc Graw Hill (Hoepli inter); Beccari et al., ”Rimozione di azoto e fosforo dai liquami”, Ed. Bibliotece Tecnica Hoepli; Masotti, ”Depurazione delle acque”, Ed. Calderoni; Sirini P., ”Ingegneria sanitaria ambientali”, Ed. Mc Graw Hill; Henze, Harremoës, La Cour Jansen Arvin, ”Wastewater treatment” “Biological and chemical processes”, Sec. Ed. Springe

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